Homes For Sale in Orlando FL

Florida is no doubt one of the biggest tourist destinations in the country, with a huge number of people moving there permanently as well. One of the hubs of the state is Orlando, a vibrant city known for not only its theme parks, but also its great community and access to major businesses.
It’s no wonder that the population growth rate is the second-fastest among major U.S. cities, and more than a thousand new people move to Orlando each week. If you’re thinking of moving soon, there are plenty of reasons to look at new homes for sale in Orlando, FL.

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A Thriving Job Market

Orlando is ranked as the 23rd best place for businesses and careers by Forbes, as well as coming in 6th in the United States for jobs growth. No matter your industry and skill set, there is something for you to do in Orlando. Theme parks like Walt Disney World are staffed by thousands of people each day, and they are nearly always hiring. The amount of visitors means the hospitality industry is also thriving and rarely turns down help.

Additionally, a large number of large and even international corporations are headquartered in downtown Orlando. Companies like JetBlue, Oracle Corporation, Siemens, and Amazon all have headquarters or a major presence in the area, and major entertainment companies like NBC Universal and Legoland are also in the vicinity.

The large size of Orlando also means common industries like healthcare and education are present. Whether you are moving to Orlando for work or need to find a job once you arrive, the city is a great place for employment.

A Variety of Lifestyles

While Orlando has a large downtown area full of hip restaurants and high-rise apartments, that is not all there is to the city. Various historic neighborhoods, areas defined by theme parks, and regions on Florida’s beautiful lakes are all also common pulls for different families. A series of suburbs, urban areas, and even Disney-approved neighborhoods are available for you to find a home in! Here are a few areas in Orlando many people choose to fit their needs.

Thornton Park

Full of 1920s bungalows and brick-lined streets, Thornton Park can feel like you’ve traveled back in time. Matured oak trees shade the neighborhood, which boasts well-regarded restaurants and a series of high-end boutiques. Thornton Park is on the more expensive side of Orlando’s market but is quickly filling up with young professionals who love the close proximity to downtown.

Lake Eola Heights

The historic homes in this neighborhood have largely been restored, and all are near the beautiful Lake Eola Park. This area always has an event happening, with multiple cultural festivals and a weekly Sunday Farmer’s Market. The proximity to downtown Orlando maintains access to concerts, bars, restaurants, and even a massive library that hosts free workshops and events.

College Park

Despite the name, College Park is not a rowdy area full of the sounds of frat parties. Instead, it’s a family-centric neighborhood with streets named things like Yale and Harvard. Just Northwest of downtown, the area is full of more historic homes and brick streets, providing a small-town feel with access to an urban living experience.


The place best known for carrying over the magic of Disney, Celebration was planned and designed by Disney as a picture-perfect town. With festivals throughout the year, schools, restaurants, amenities, and resident-only events, the area offers its 10,000 residents a quaint residence right outside the parks.

Winter Garden and Windmere

Favorites locations of Disney employees, these towns include a large number of new builds aimed at families. With new and excellent schools, sports clubs, and great shopping, these towns are ideal for families. Weekends when you don’t visit Disney can be spent at farmer’s markets or enjoying lake views.

Orlando is also known for its diversity, especially relative to other areas of Florida that more commonly cater to retirees. There is a large community of LGBTQ+ individuals in Orlando and populations from countries all over the world, so most people will find somewhere they fit in in the area.

Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Orlando is 2% lower than the national average and 3% lower than the average in Florida, which can be appealing. A typical worker will make $85,000 a year, which means it is possible for most people to live comfortably in the area. Depending on the type of home you need and the neighborhood you choose, Orlando can be an affordable choice that offers the “big city” feel of other, more expensive areas of the United States.

One thing that helps Orlando stay affordable is that Florida has no state income tax, inheritance tax, or estate tax. For those moving from out of state, this can lead to a large increase in money in your pocket. Even property taxes are below the national average, coming in at .97%. All of this means more money in your pocket that can be used to enjoy the activities and opportunities Orlando has to offer.

Florida’s Best Views and Climate

Florida is called The Sunshine State with good reason- the state is warm nearly year-round, with no snow to worry about and mild seasons. Those who love the warmth and the ability to sunbathe in December will be drawn to Orlando, which is centrally located in Florida.

Though it is not on the coast, Orlando is a short road trip but both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as being filled with endless lakes. Residents enjoy visiting Lake Eola Park to feed the native swans and paddle around the water, or you can canoe and kayak at Shingle Creek Regional Park. And if you worry about missing the snow, Winter in the Park is a high-tech indoor facility that offers ice skating and skiing without leaving the sunshine behind.

Never A Dull Moment

Orlando is known for its tourist destinations, from theme parks to festivals.

Walt Disney World itself is so large that it could house the entire city of San Francisco. Many people who visit will spend a full week exploring all of the parks within Walt Disney World and will likely go home having missed something. Living in Orlando gives you endless access to the parks, any time you’d like, and even a Florida resident discount. The hotels on the property can get expensive, so having real estate so close by will save you the cost of a trip, and you’ll feel like you can visit the happiest place on Earth at any time.

But Walt Disney World isn’t the only theme park that Orlando residents can enjoy year-round. Universal Orlando, Islands of Adventure, Seaworld, Discovery Cove, LEGOland, and a series of waterparks are all available in the same area to spice up your theme park agenda.

Even if theme parks aren’t your idea of a good time, there is plenty to do in Orlando to keep you busy. Every neighborhood is full of enough restaurants that you could never visit a chain restaurant again, and local shops abound. Concert and theater venues are frequented by large acts, and smaller venues will let you enjoy the underground scene. You can also enjoy the annual Orlando Film Festival or spend your weekends at the Orlando Science Center and Orlando Museum of Art.

Sports fans will also love Orlando, which offers teams in basketball, baseball, football, soccer, hockey, and other sports. The Orlando Magic team frequents the Amway Stadium, and a range of college teams are also present.

How Is the Market in Orlando?

Orlando Market UpdateHome sales in Orlando have spiked by 25% in recent months, and homes are usually under contract within 30 days of being listed for sale. The Orlando Regional Realtor Association reports 42% fewer homes for sale when compared with this time last year, which has led to a rise in median sale prices. With this in mind, it’s a good time to buy in Orlando and get ahead of further changes to the market.

Even with higher home prices, rent prices are higher than normal as well. The rate of growth for rent outpaces the growth in median home prices, making ownership a better investment. For many people, it can be cheaper to buy than it would be to rent, so you may even save money. And with mortgage rates still low and potentially rising soon, getting equity now may be a financially smart decision, rather than waiting out prices.

As millennials buy more homes, neighborhoods in the metro Orlando area will continue to cater to these groups, and young professionals or families can make their homes in this vibrant community. No matter what you are looking for, a new home in Orlando can offer you the best of Florida in an affordable location.

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